SUSC Players Selected for Super Y-League ODP Camp

Twelve players from Seacoast United were named to the USL ODP National Camps taking place in Tampa Florida during the weeks of March 3rd-7th (girls) and 10th-14th (boys).  The players selected to the National Camps were born in 1993, 1994, or a combined 1995/96.

Seacoast also saw 6 players from the 1991/1992 age group named as Super Y-League National ODP players.  Click 'continue' below to see the full list of SUSC players from both groups.

Seacoast United would like to congratulate the following players for being selected to participate in the Super Y ODP National Camp.

Billy Risigo
Brendan Barth
Chris Ulbrich
Kyle Hagerstrom
Jeffrey L'Heureux
Abigail Short
Rachel Hill
Michele Tremblay
Melissa Gloekler
Lydia Simmons
Anna Grant
Gina Righini

The dates for the 2010 ODP Camps are as follows:

March 3-7, 2010 1995/96 Girls, 1994 Girls, 1993 Girls
March 10-14, 2010 1995/96 Boys, 1994 Boys, 1993 Boys


The 2010 ODP Camps will return again to the Ed Radice Soccer Complex in Tampa, FL, the same location as the Super Y-League North American Finals that took place in November 2009.  These camps represent an elite group of players coming together to display their soccer talent and work ethic to collegiate and national team scouts.  The ODP focus groups this year will be for the top players (216 girls, and 216 boys) born in either 1993, 1994, or a combination of 1995/96. 

There is a list of 1991/92 players that represent the top players in the league.  These players have proven their abilities throughout the season and have earned the honor of being named Super Y-League National ODP Players for their respective age groups.  This National Select pool will be promoted to over 1000 colleges as well as to the USSF National Staff.

Seacoast United's 91 and 92 selections are:

Emma Clark
Kelley Griffin
Victoria McCombs
Gaby Ransom
Storie Umscheid
Michael Rankin-Byrne