EPPING, NH - The Seacoast United Goalkeeper Academy is off to a flying start across the board.  Goalkeepers across New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine have kept busy training day in and day out continuing to improve on all aspects of the game.

The Goalkeeper Academy offers opportunities for keepers to excel at all levels in the game of soccer. Due to the nature of the position, this remains one of the Club’s most specialized and innovative individual development programs. The overall curriculum focuses on the growth of goalkeepers at a variety of age and skill levels.

“I am very impressed with how quickly the goalkeepers have been improving on their technical ability and also their knowledge and understanding of the goalkeeper position as a whole,” said Goalkeeping Director Andrew Pesci. “The position has evolved a lot over the years and we really make an effort to develop the players holistically, as opposed to just focusing on shot stopping or catching.”

As part of the goalkeeping curriculum, every training session is designed with the focus of working on player development and pushing them to reach the highest level possible.  In terms of player progression, there has been a number of goalkeepers in recent years who have gone on to play at Division One schools and several MLS Academies around the country. 

The training sessions and overall curriculum for the 2020/21 season have really taken on holistic approach, with Seacoast United coaches focusing on the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the position. This approach to training has paid dividends in recent weeks with the Academy goalkeepers making a huge impact.  “Goalkeeping is an extremely stressful position, but our goalkeepers have stepped up and been able to keep our teams in games and help them win.  Last week, the Boys’ Academy won 6 out of 8 matches with the teams conceding 7 goals in all the games combined.  Not only will this help boost our program, it will help improve the confidence in our keepers.,” said Andrew Pesci. 

If you are interested in learning more about Seacoast United Goalkeeping please email Andrew Pesci (Seacoast United NH) at